One day when I returned home from a painful treatment I felt extremely tired, wiped out and depressed until my roommate handed me a piece of mail from the H.O.W. organization. When I opened it I could not believe what I saw before me. Immediately tears of joy and happiness started flowing, may I add non-stop, for the generous donation. I knew I could breathe a little easier knowing that my rent was paid for and that my car insurance would not be cancelled. Wow. I was truly blessed.

Words cannot express how your organization’s donation lifted my spirits. It was
amazing and once again I say 'Thank You' from the bottom of my heart and soul."

Adelyn, Recipient

Just a note of thanks for your care and support with my journey with ovarian cancer. Your help made my days easier. God bless your foundation and all of you. Your help is sincerely appreciated. 

Rose Marie, Recipient
I want to say thank you for the gifts that were made on my behalf. God has blessed me through you. This has made my life less difficult and it has made me so grateful. Your organization will be in my prayers that others will be helped during this period in their lives."

Anonymous, Recipient



Fighting ovarian cancer is a difficult ordeal under the best of circumstances. It takes your full strength and determination. Many women facing this life threatening battle must also deal with financial challenges brought on by missing work and extra treatment expenses. Donations to the H.O.W. Jacquie Liggett Angel Fund help free these women to fight ovarian cancer and worry less about other pressures."


Ann, Survivor and H.O.W. Supporter



I am overwhelmed with gratitude that H.O.W. paid my bills for me. It is very hard to go through the pain and fear that comes with having cancer. Thank you so much for your support and kindness and all the good the H.O.W. organization does to help women like me."


Joy, Recipient


Jennifer McGrath
Executive Director
Corporate Partner
Corporate Partner