Founder Jacquie Liggett

Jacquelin “Jacquie” Liggett was an energetic dynamic woman. Her days were filled with family, friends, exercise, and volunteer work for her church and many local charities. Jacquie exercised regularly and followed a healthful diet; she looked and felt great. Jacquie and her veterinarian husband Jack Liggett were living a fulfilling life in Palm Beach when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August 2000.

After the initial shock of receiving such devastating news, Jacquie went inside herself to find the strength and determination she would need to start her battle with this disease. She took an active role in her care and researched ovarian cancer so she could be better informed when making treatment decisions.

Chemotherapy drained Jacquie of her strength on many days, but she rarely complained and even managed to keep a sense of humor. When she lost all of her hair and her eyebrows, she had her eyebrows tattooed “because that’s what frames your face” she said.

Jacquie decided that through her struggles there had to be some benefit for other women. She called together a group of her closest friends to talk about raising funds for ovarian cancer research and education. She said “I want to do something for other people. Maybe it will help me, maybe it won’t, but my work will help others.” With the aid of Palm Healthcare Foundation, H.O.W. (Hearing the Ovarian Cancer Whisper) was formed.

Jacquie lived for seven years after her diagnosis. She died in August 2007, however, the organization she founded – H.O.W. – is continuing her mission to help others through research, education, and financial assistance to women with ovarian cancer.

Jennifer McGrath
Executive Director